Don't Want to Run Out of Money in Retirement?

Don't Want to Run Out of Money in Retirement?

by Julie Jason on Apr 9, 2018

During retirement, market movements such as we’ve been experiencing since February, can be worrisome  --- especially if you are new to investing or simply don’t have a plan.

Everyone needs a plan – no exceptions.  

Anyone who wants to retire someday in the future needs to know how to save and invest in a way that maximizes market opportunities and leverages time. 

A retiree needs to know his or her cashflow requirements and how they are being met today, and tomorrow, after inflation and taxes are taken into account.

To help you start preparing, I’ve written an article called “Managing Retirement Wealth,” which you can click to here

If you don’t think a plan is necessary, consider this data from Investment Company Institute (ICI):  “From November 2016 to January 2018, the stock market rose sharply, posting a total gain of 34 percent. Stock market volatility, as measured by the volatility index (VIX), remained quite subdued. In fact, it trended down a bit.  That changed in early February. Reflecting concerns that inflation could jump, perhaps leading to tighter-than-expected monetary policy, the stock market dropped sharply and volatility jumped. From February 1 to February 8, the S&P 500 index fell nearly 9 percent. The VIX nearly tripled, to a level not seen since August 2015. During the remainder of February, the stock market fluctuated.”

For your copy of “Managing Retirement Wealth,” click here