Praise for Julie Jason's Guide to Connecticut Probate

Demystified The Probate Process

"Julie Jason is that rare writer, a reader-friendly expert who presents vital information about law and personal finance in a clear, easy-to-grasp manner. She has not only demystified the probate process, but also given examples that show the great benefit that a little knowledge and preparation can have for your family and heirs."

Jim Zebora, Business Editor, The Advocate / Greenwich Time

Her Message is Clear

"Many writers have provided "how to" lessons for managing the probate process. Julie Jason goes beyond that. This is for the reader who has studied the "how to" and then sets out to do it. She addresses the problems of the complicated cases, the variations from the norm, and the difficult people. Her message is clear, and her style permits an easy read."

Judge James J. Lawlor,
Connecticut Probate Administrator

I Recommend This Book

"This is a thoughtful and thorough review of the Connecticut Probate process. It arms readers with the knowledge necessary to undertake effective estate planning and to understand the advice they receive from lawyers and others about the choices they should make. I recommend this book without reservation."

Judge Robert K. Killian, Jr.,
Probate Judge for the District of Hartford

Valuable tips

"A great overview of a very complex subject -- full of valuable tips and helpful advice."

Professor Jeffrey A. Cooper.
Quinnipiac University School of Law

Strategic Guidance

"Probate will never be fun — think about the event that triggers it. However, it doesn't have to be a stressed-filled journey to an unanticipated destination either. Thanks to Julie Jason and her Guide to Connecticut Probate every Connecticut family can plan for an orderly transition upon death or incapacity. Ms. Jason provides access to a range of expert tools and resources, including essential forms and official state publications. Equally important, she draws upon the experience gathered as a nationally-prominent money manager to offer succinct commentary and strategic guidance. This book is a must for everyone who cares about the well being of loved ones who will be left behind."

Christopher P. Bruhl,
President & CEO, The Business Council of Fairfield County

A Wonderful Guide

"Julie Jason has provided the community with a wonderful guide not only to estate settlement but also for advance estate planning."

Gayle B. Wilhelm, Esq.,
Cummings and Lockwood LLC

A Well Written Book 

"A well written book that will help guide a family through the myriad of concerns in estate administration."

William Wilson, CPA,
Van Brunt, Dubiago & Company

 Valuable Resource

"A valuable resource for all Connecticut citizens."

Professor Robert Whitman,
Professor of Law, University of Connecticut Law School.

Valuable Information 

"Julie Jason provides citizens of Connecticut with an easy to understand guide to the probate process. She covers topics that most people regrettably try to avoid until it is too late to recover from legal or financial disaster. This is valuable information for people with very modest means and those with abundance."

Glenn A. Cassis,
Executive Director, African-American Affairs
Commission, Connecticut General Assembly

The Essentials

"A clearly written comprehensive review of the essentials of a critical but rarely understood zip code in estate planning."

Bill Lane,
CFP, Past President of the FPA in Connecticut

 Easy To Read Format

"If what you have was worth spending your lifetime to build, it MUST be worth preserving for your family. This book helps you understand how to do that in a well organized, easy to read format."

Byron Udell,
JD, CLU, CFP, ChFC, President & CEO,


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