retirement is a life transition

Saving for Retirement is a Common Source of Stress

A new survey released August, 2016 by Schwab Retirement Plan Services Inc. highlights how saving enough money for a comfortable retirement is, in fact, the most common “financial stress inducer” for people of all ages, even millennials.

Retirees' biggest regret

Studies tell us that retirees regret not saving enough -- and not starting to invest early enough. 

What is safe?

Before "Mary and Bob" retired, they were investing in stock-market mutual funds through their 401(k) plans at work and doing quite nicely. Then, when the financial crisis hit in 2008, they sold their stock funds. 

“We were scared,” explained Mary.  “We wanted our money to be safe.”

Upcoming Event (October 1, 2015) in Stamford, CT: "What's going on in the stock market and what you should do about it."

Current market volatility has to raise concerns and questions for anyone investing for retirement. I am giving a talk on the subject in a few weeks (Thursday Oct.1, 2015). Norwalk Community College President, David Levinson, will open the event.  Donations of $25 are suggested.  Proceeds will benefit the Norwalk Community College Foundation.   

How do you find a good actuary for a cash balance plan?


If you want to start a cash balance plan for your business, you'll need an actuary. 

Where do you find one?  I'm a fan of looking for experts by searching for content - that is, who is the expert who published articles on the subject?   Once you find some names, start calling to do some interviews.    

The Cash Balance Plan

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, and other professionals -- are you maximizing your ability to a) lower taxes and b) build retirement savings?    

Is the plan in place for your retirement money?

Do you have a plan in place to handle your IRA and other tax-deferred retirement accounts after you retire? 

In a recent survey, Pentegra Retirement Services of White Plains, NY found large knowledge gaps on the basics of making withdrawals from retirement plans.

Only a small minority of those surveyed were “very familiar” with how to make this happen.

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