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Monte Carlo? Or Sensitivity Analysis?

Retirees need to face the dilemma of having to project 20 or 30 or more years ahead. How does someone assess the future with all of its unknowns, including inflation, taxes, health, longevity and, of course, the uncertainty of the financial markets themselves? 

Shareholder Class Actions

Have you ever received a notice in the mail about a shareholder class action for a stock you owned at one time? Have you ever wondered how these types of class actions are initiated?

Bulls and Bears

If you have a long investment horizon and your goal is to accumulate wealth, moving out of the market in anticipation of a decline is not a good strategy. Why? Only hindsight can tell you whether you are making a good decision.

Is SHE Worth a Look?

Does gender matter in business? Institutional investors are starting to think so.

Celebrating Norwalk Community College Foundation's 50th Anniversary

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Norwalk Community College Foundation (NCCF)  with Dr. David L. Levinson, President of Norwalk Community College (NCC).  We got together at a presentation/fundraiser at the Stamford Innovation Center sponsored by my firm, Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers, Inc. of Stamford, CT.

The true cost of college

In some families, parents cover the entire cost of college. In others, the college student pays 100 percent by working his way through school and possibly taking out loans (you have to ask yourself whether this student might have a better appreciation for the educational experience).

Upcoming Event (October 1, 2015) in Stamford, CT: "What's going on in the stock market and what you should do about it."

Current market volatility has to raise concerns and questions for anyone investing for retirement. I am giving a talk on the subject in a few weeks (Thursday Oct.1, 2015). Norwalk Community College President, David Levinson, will open the event.  Donations of $25 are suggested.  Proceeds will benefit the Norwalk Community College Foundation.   

How do you find a good actuary for a cash balance plan?


If you want to start a cash balance plan for your business, you'll need an actuary. 

Where do you find one?  I'm a fan of looking for experts by searching for content - that is, who is the expert who published articles on the subject?   Once you find some names, start calling to do some interviews.    

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