Many States Are Embracing Transfer-On-Death Deeds

In some but not all states, if you own real estate when you die, the property will pass to your heirs through the probate process. More than 20 states, however, allow deeds to be registered in transfer-on-death (TOD) form in order to bypass probate.

What's the key to your child's financial success?

What's the key to your child's financial success?

First RMD for people born in the first half of 1944: December 31, 2014 or April 1, 2015: Best to be early

Traditional IRA owners born in the first half of 1944 (January through June), become age 70-1/2 in 2014.

Parents of recent grads - Nov deadline looms

Students who graduated in May need to start repaying their federal student loans in November. Those who graduated in June need to start repayments in December. That six-month period is a “grace period.” Don't wait for a bill.  Repayment delays are NOT excused.   

Frustrated with the Probate Process? Five tips.

Frustrated with the Probate Process?    

A reader who lost his mother a few years ago contacted me about his inheritance, which was to be split with his father.   Let's call the father Senior and the son Junior. 

How your 401(k) and your W-2 work together to help grow retirement assets

It turns out that there is something about a 401(k) plan that can be easily overlooked  -- the interplay between your 401(k) and your W-2.  Understanding how this works can give you an edge when saving for retirement. 

Money Challenges After Retirement by Julie Jason

Recently I met with someone whose 70 year old father had been living beyond his means.  The father, a retired businessman, confided to his 40-something son that he had $100,000 of credit card debt that he could not repay.   “How could that be?” asked the son.  The father answered that he didn’t realize anything was wrong in the beginning and life was procee

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